The NBT Review 135

Whitehorse – Whitehorse (Six Shooter Records)

Let’s mood swing for a moment into this new dream. Old time radio filtered captured thoughts, a lazy ghost drifting across wild western desert or is this hazy vision really Russian winter bleak? The music hints that both worlds could be here, within this fragile opening.

We are taken from this delicate tension, (almost Wim Wender Serene Soundtrack like) into the echoed dramatic of, ‘’Killing Time Is Murder’’ the ghosts become rock n roll real, a finger snapping delightfully urgent harmonic surge, the girl boy balance fine tuned, so it’s not truck driver macho or even ethereal femme detached, but rather that space in between.

Even when Luke Doucet takes on lead vocals, there is enough of Melissa McClelland’s dream pop sensibility to make these songs a wonderful fantasy version of what Okkervil River might sound like mixed lovingly with Beach House.

What delights here is that, just when you think you have tied down this duo to some genre or other, they jump/dance away from the label and throw in something else. There is haunted rock-a-billy here, there is AM radio power pop,  there are slivers of wounded wondering Folk songs and there is even that old time roots pop that the Loving Spoonful got so very right which makes their version of Springsteen’s ‘’I’m On Fire’’ a natural marvel.

Indeed they construct rare beauty in songs that make the listener think of Ryan Adams for a few seconds, then KD Lang for a few more, while never losing their own trance logic, an ‘other’ worldly shimmer that is their own.

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Burner – TERRANOVACAIN (Independent Release)

I confess to have succumbed to the jagged post punk soul of this album, so my thoughts are those of the converted, are purely spiritual , personal, chaotic random and deep as thought can be in the moment of the music, so critical detachment, a cold clear look or listen is not what happens here. But maybe like this collection, it is something more, more true to the ambition inside the rhythms

This is all oiled machine flirting though with the rust of hard use, it is all friction versus the fluid, the darkest sigh against the pounding hammer. It’s Stax era funk, folded smooth into white boy need, jittering and jerking, animated clown, loose limbed new wave under the mirrorball at 4 am in the morning.

It’s disco with abrasive guitars, it’s the Bass as half robot half panther, these songs never stop prowling, disturbing, they are electro shock without terror, but embracing the fear as a wicked jive partner.

These songs are songs of hope from a cynic’s point of view, where defeat is ever on the edge of its seat, grinning with excitement only to be surprised by the magic and love, the ultimate daring of what comes next.

My job is to listen to those that call themselves ‘’Independent’’ and I have noticed how few earn that title.

TERRANOVACAIN wear it with pride.

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The NBT Review 126

The Razor-blade Diaries – Revel 9 (Independent Release)

It’s not surprising that as the music rumbles into the room, that the first thing noticed is a tension filled sense of urgency. The sound of a fighter jet rolling over stony ground, the opening song is all forward movement and longing to fly, and as the singer growls, ‘I think I’ve had enough of this’ true take off is achieved.

 This sleek new machine, is polished with modern noise, is tough yet compact, is vigorous and concentrated, this machine was built to find the dark beauty within the hard rock song.

 Each song produced is an acute abbreviated missile of thoughts, a desire to survive the destructive emotional, a race against rest, bullet time urgent. This is no slacker US punk, though this IS punk in a way, just as it’s traditional hard rock pop, though forsaking the glamour, worshipping the impact, then moving on, always moving on.

 This set is designed to breakthrough, though without comprise, it is that one bright clear thought as the disease breaks and the  battle continues. There is no excess, no flab, no wasting air or moments,

 They took their time getting here, sure, but now, with supreme confident insistence they rule.

 I had almost given up on this form of the independent tune, but my faith is restored.

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 The Sex Injury Sessions/The Pleasant Peasant Sessions – The Simpletone (Demo Release)

 Opening title , Elysium, recalls the dirty swagger of Grand Funk Railroad,uncomplicated, enduring and jubilant, if this is the place where the Gods dwell, then it is a place in flux, the minutes between one glorious battle and the next.

 The strength here is the bands ability to switch moods and tempo without sacrificing the flow and atmosphere, these are immense presentations wrapped around something rather soulful and intimate.

 That these are Demos add to the charm and it will take a producer of great skill not to over polish , fix what does not need to be fixed, cause these songs are bewitching yet human, ambiguous and yes weirdly for something as heavy as some of the stuff here strangely serene.

 Simply put this is a band that you want to invest in, want to watch grow and conquer and evolve

 Various Songs – Eudora Fletcher (independent )

 And now lets dive bravely into the chaos, oh this ragged noise uplifts the soul, edgy ironic cheeky wicked, ink smudge mosh pit frantic. Alive

 yes these are dance songs but messy murky hold your breath, fling yourself in get wooshed out dance songs, bang bang a shout and a whoop and its into the next piece of loud grin turmoil.

 Fun.  That fun that makes you sweat and is primal pop heatwave silly (in a VERY good way)

 there is the essence of nuggets era garage, and the sly glee of a cramped club,and again, a band to watch but not even be aware that you are watching, there is no real space for thoughts of the future here, cause these songs are totally for the absolute second that you are in them.

Even alone at my computer, when I play these I can FEEL the bruise bash of the kids bouncing hard into me as the chords ricochet, jump and jive.

Come on
join in

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These bands are the ANTIDOTE to the bland, the ordinary of the Mainstream.