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POEMA – Romina Di Gasbarro (Independent Release)

The colours fall from the pitch black, perhaps its summer disguised as autumn, Heaven is haunting internal, delicate shades of a dreamlike hell, overlaid across a jazz seduced thoughtful city, a troubled sweet Joni Mitchell, younger though, darker.

She sings, ‘’It’s no fun, this place I’m in’ but contradicts by starting the song gentle almost playful, her guilt, her sin, isn’t dark storm obvious , rather like the way the light will shimmer on sighing water, captivating and intense, deeply touching without the sad theatrics that too many fumbling songwriters us as their weapon of choice.

In, ‘’Love Life Sentence’’ the writer allows us to dance around the near future of this couple, all is not quite real , all is what might be, there is a taste of fear in the wind, but again her shadows are colours forming from the darkness, flowers floating through the rhythms.

Shape shifting, time shifting into the epic, soothing cinematic edits, the song, ‘’The Foolish and the Good’’ twists, turns, and beguiles, breathtakingly rich in observation, showcasing the intimate and the frenzied, often within one line of perfectly felt verse. It is the sort of song, that the listener does not want to leave, wants that private earphone moment to last through the night.

Because the innovation, the emotion is subtly portrayed, the thrill is in the discovery, you feel the singer sings secrets maybe only you can quite understand, and you are left in that terribly lovely twilight of being almost satisfied and completely desiring more.

A wonderful album.

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