The NBT Review 125

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Reader’s Wives reviewed by Martin Smit

Quiet Rebellion reviewed by Beth Wimmer

Rachel’s Apartment – Reader’s Wives (Independent Release)

 Bam Pow
lets get this angry funny party started, with some rolling stone swagger, slightly treated vocals to add the just right spoonful of
bitter, of cool detachment. Speeding down the 100word per 30 second highway, NameDropping,RockRolling PoP Driven. Your dancing before you know it.

 Imagine now, if Morrissey had a fetish for the kinda anthem Green Day churnout, but twisted it into something fragile and internal while strutting across the floor to enter stage dive heaven, these disaffected are burdened and blessed with fierce intellect, so no
pandering to the stupid, rather grinning wicked with the clever.

 Flirting with indie disco even, (I bet the remix boys hover ) these are brittle beautiful shocks of the modern pop, ready to be waved
festival flags at, but not sacrificing the spark of the watcher, the loner, the kid with the notebook mind and camera memory.

 Fatima Mansions’ Cathal Coughlan adds the fear to ‘ Isadora Duncan’ but this is no one outsider and backing band collection. The band, the instruments, the voice function as a complete weapon of mass seduction, they are, like we love them, isolated,almost untouchable, yet speaking to only us, Saturday night, just before the pubs open,singing with us in the nightclub crush, dreaming with us on the long journey home.


Still Talking Scribble – Quiet Rebellion (Independent release)

Quiet Rebellion is a perfect name for Shaun T Hunter’s project. The songs on this album, “Still Talking Scribble” are filled with deep, important, and often unsettling questions for the single soul and for humanity itself.

Hunter plays every instrument on this lush and gorgeous collection of songs for humanity. Beautiful vocal tapestries are woven into colorful, rich beds, and the words sung to us haunt with messages on being a healthy human in this uncertain world. The mystical melodies deliver poignant observations and strong statements on living in the moment, being accepting of others, and growing to reach full potential as a people.

The first track, ‘Soon’, lulls us in from the start, echoing our dream state minds back to us, reminding us that “soon, you will realize the treasure lays in the questions not the answers…”

In ‘Beneath The Wings Of A Dragon’, the feathery and uplifting guitar is complemented with Hunter’s sweet, firm and clear voice… “…narrrow-minded vision don’t deserve this wide expansive space… still attached to the outcome when only the journey should count.”

With sweet passion and delightful melody in ‘The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend’, Hunter sings “shoot me down, shoot me down, i cannot fix you, cannot mend… for the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” and “don’t you know that the easiest person in the world to fool is yourself…” A surprising and fresh take on being accepting of yourself and others. The songs winds down with haunting yet uplifting vocals reaching toward the heavens.

The interplay of lilting, hypnotic guitars and vocals are an inviting and calming way to hear Quiet Rebellion’s messages of love and acceptance. With his simple yet worldly tinged production I am calmed, made comfortable, and centered by listening to “Still Talking Scribble”– all 15, beautiful songs.

The song ‘Substitute Silence For Noise’ addresses our tendencies to not stay in the moment – our tendencies to be distracted and to sadly, all too often, forget the sacred things like silence, peace, or even secrets. “…another minor distraction from a major decision…” “…secrets are something we tell everybody to tell no one…”

Quiet Rebellion’s new release “Still Talking Scribble” should not be a secret from anyone! “Still Talking Scribble” is a beautiful, spirit-moving album that stirs the soul, invites introspection, and inspires the mind!

you can hear lots of tracks from both these releases on the NBTMusicRadio
24 hour stream


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