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 In The Lonesome Hours – Oh My Darling (independent release)

 Four souls collide, the voices the music drifts out from this luscious explosion, soothes but also, with cheeky attitude exhilarates those dancing muscles, the old time waltz part of your brain, that is seldom ignited. In seconds you take for granted that these are virtuosos, modern musicians covered in history, who take the old and fashion a new way of looking at it. They create songs that stand alone in any genre, are careful and thoughtful with lyric creation, with mood and texture, Four souls collide for sure, but this is no accident. They were, are, driving straight for your heart.

 In ‘Caught You looking’ they do something rather clever, the split time into two channels, there is the fast frantic giggle time of the barn dance swirl, and then there is the slow smile of a couple, two strangers, attracted, wondering, if the connection will be made that night.

 This affection for the characters that inhabit the tunes, adds colour and a deep warmth to creations that already, even on first listen, feel like old wise pals.

 Even when touching on subjects like the death of a loved one, its more about the freedom, the release than the burden, they dare to concoct something uplifting, but tempered with insight, knowledge and calm, even in their most giddy girl moments.

 This is an album that finds joy within the drama, and some of these tales are as dramatic as old man’s late night tales, or snatched pages from battered westerns. They mix the ‘big’ themes, like war crime and money with the internal, intimate encounters of the analytical spirit.

 And oh how they have fun doing this.

 Highly recommended.

 Find out more here

 You Can hear tracks from this album on the NBTMusicRadio

iTunes: NBTMusicRadio

 and also Featured on the NBT Flagship Podcast going out this Sunday.


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